Peruvian biodiversity: the source of our products

Peru is a privileged country: its ocean is home to one of the largest fisheries in the world; it is crossed by the Andes Mountains, the longest mountain chain in the world; and it has the most biodiverse jungles on the planet. This unique combination of nature has favored the development of hundreds of native plants, both in the Andes and Amazon regions, which contain medicinal and cosmetic properties.

Ancient Peruvians valued and cultivated these plants, benefitting from them and adapting them to the different ecological terrains throughout the land. Today, SAYSI takes advantage of these properties in beauty and health care products, using new cosmetic technology to maximize the benefits of these plants in all its products.

High-quality natural products

  • SAYSI investigates, develops and sells Peruvian natural products, which are divided into three areas:
    • Personal Care: Skin and hair care products that focalize the properties of each plant used in every product.
    • Beauty : Specialized skin care and skin treatment products that help preserve the skin’s beauty, freshness, and youth in a natural way.
    • Preventive and Health: Re-energizing products and dietary supplements that prevent and alleviate pains and injuries, as well as improve health and quality of life.

The benefits of our products

  • Nourished by the many qualities of Peruvian plants.
  • In their formulations, they contain a healthy dose of active vegetable ingredients, making them softer and more sensitive with the skin. They do not contain filler ingredients.
  • Do not contain fragrances, colorants, parabens (synthetic-based preservants), or synthetic detergents.
  • Do not cause allergies, infections, rashes, or skin blots. On the contrary: they help improve the skin and human health.
  • Help create a healthier and more balanced psychological and spiritual state-of-being.