A natural cosmetic does not contain synthetic-based components, such as fragrances, colorants, parabenes (preservants or synthetic-based) or detergents. At least 95% of their ingredients must be natural or natural-based, and all the components used must be vegetable-related and have appropriate certifications.
Likewise, in line with their social responsibility, no animals may be tested in the development of these products, nor should cancer-producing chemicals or chemicals that might pose a threat to human health.

The body needs to stay hydrated, moisturized and clean on a daily basis, which is why using natural cosmetics is necessary. These cosmetics do not contain chemical ingredients or petroleum-derivates that damage the skin and health, causing allergies, infections, irritations and sun spots.

At the same time, the use of natural skin produtcs promotes a healthier life style because the body is nourished with fruit and plant benefits, leaving skin softer and well-protected. Asides from following nature as a philosophy, purity and beauty help create a healthier psychological and spiritual state.

Traditional cosmetics obtain their scent, texture and hold on the skin due to synthetic ingredients, most of which are petroleum-derivates that are absorbed by the blood. Meanwhile, natural cosmetics are soft and careful with the skin, since they provide active ingredients with the best benefits nature offers.

To identify whether a product is natural or not, you must clearly read the labeling. On it, you may find the list of ingredients, the name of the company that makes the product, and the health inspection number. It’s worthwhile to keep in mind that the best products do not have fragrances, parabens, or colorants.

Many times, consumers get traditional cosmetics and natural cosmetics confused, because some of them use fruits or plants in their production and thus, relate them directly with natural cosmetics. This reaffirms the fact that knowledge about natural health care products remains low.

SAYSI is the only beauty products’ line made with peruvian plants which are 100% natural products which meets all the international production standards. This recognition allows it to be distributed world-wide, reaching a vast number of consumers that seek to care for their bodies in a safe and natural way.